Who wants to play 'Spot the difference' game?
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Who wants to play ‘Spot the difference’ game?

Sep 23, 2016
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GAME 1: Do they look like real brothers?

spot-the-difference-1 - Funny


GAME 2: Is the feather-like haircut style the new trend?

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GAME 3: Hint – Look at the top part only!

spot-the-difference-3 - Funny


GAME 4: This one is very difficult. It will take you hours!

spot-the-difference-4 - Funny


GAME 5: In my opinion, it’s definitely the eyebrows!

spot-the-difference-7 - Funny


GAME 6: It’s definitely a pack of beer which makes the difference.

spot-the-difference-5 - Funny


GAME 7: Spot the 10 differences in this picture.

spot-the-difference-6 - Funny

GAME 8: The only difference I see here is maybe what they are looking at up there.

spot-the-difference-8 - Funny


GAME 9: Nothing like a good hairbrush to have long straight hair.

spot-the-difference-9 - Funny


GAME 10: So far, I have only found 5 differences.

spot-the-difference-10 - Funny


GAME 11: I dont know if these are fashion pants, but I will never wear one ever.

spot-the-difference-11 - Funny


GAME 12: GUCCI bags are more precious than anything else in this world.

spot-the-difference-12 - Funny


GAME 13: There are exactly 7 differences in this picture. Try to find them.

spot-the-difference-13 - Funny


GAME 14: It’s too easy guys. I should not even have asked that question.

spot-the-difference-15 - Funny .


GAME 15: Have you seen a horse wearing sunglasses on the left?

spot-the-difference-16 - Funny


GAME 16: Miley Cyrus is an ever-changing celebrity anyway.

spot-the-difference-17 - Funny


GAME 17: We are poles apart but the same person.

spot-the-difference-18 - Funny


GAME 18: Let me give you a small hint- Both can sing.

spot-the-difference-19 - Funny


GAME 19: All is in the diet folks.

spot-the-difference-20 - Funny


GAME 20: That’s too much clue already given to you.

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