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alabama-football-girls-2-420x320 -
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Alabama football girls inspiring you to become great Alabama fans

Waseem - Aug 17, 2017

Alabama is known as one of the US State which is reputed for its football team. They have won many championships, with lots…

alabama-memes-7-420x320 -
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Alabama memes are here to make you cry in laughter

Waseem - Aug 16, 2017

My sincere apologies to citizens of Alabama. It was difficult for me to restrain myself from writing this post on Alabama memes. It…

sarcastic-meme-15-420x320 -
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What sarcastic memes can tell us about being sarcastic to people?

Waseem - Aug 11, 2017

Be it in the office, at home,in the pub or any other place that you can think of, sarcastic people will always be…

Lock-Mug-That-Prevents-Other-People-From-Using-It-420x320 -
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21 inventions that need to be made more accessible to the public

Waseem - Aug 08, 2017

Inventions are there to ease your everyday lives. People have lots of creativity and brings about many innovative inventions which can help you…

funny-police-pictures-7-420x320 -
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31 funny police pictures to make you want to enrol in the police force

Waseem - Aug 04, 2017

Police represents the law and is a vector of security, fear and authority. However, being a police office and maintaining all these precious…

funny-selfie-smiles-2-420x320 -
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The 25 most funny selfie smiles you will ever see all together in one place

Waseem - Jul 31, 2017

Being funny and smiling at the same time clicks together into a very nice selfie to display to your friends on social media.…

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