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Thank-God-its-Friday-pictures-funny-19-420x320 -
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Thank God its Friday pictures funny as hell to end the week

Waseem - Sep 24, 2017

What is the greatest of all feelings than finally reaching the end of the week, that is Friday, the eve of the weekends,…

funny-chinese-proverbs-picture-2-420x320 -
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10 ancient and funny Chinese proverbs you wish you had heard of before

Waseem - Sep 22, 2017

The Chinese culture is one of the most ancient and respected culture you will ever find if you trace back your steps through…

working-Saturday-meme-pictures-19-420x320 -
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What can be more painful than working on a Saturday?|Memes

Waseem - Sep 22, 2017

When you have been working for what seemed like more than a week and you impatiently wait for Friday to come to enter…

words-into-drawings-artist-420x320 -
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Artist unveils words with art in them and amazes everyone with his drawings

Waseem - Sep 21, 2017

Artist Jonathan Stephen Harris born in Brent in UK is highly talented. He manages with his steady hand and creativity to turn written…

what-makes-you-happy-in-life-pic-420x320 -
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What makes you happy in life? – Yahoo answers to help you out!

Waseem - Sep 21, 2017

Everyone wants to know the answer to the famous question, "What makes you happy in life?" Well each one has their different opinion…

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20 ridiculous iphone cases you better not buy less you are a fan

Waseem - Sep 21, 2017

I am myself a huge of iphones, being a proud owner of the iphone 6. I believe the final touch to embellish this…