Tinder pick up lines which are not so tinder after all
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Tinder pick up lines which are not so tinder after all

May 09, 2017
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For those who are from the new generation and only born in the Facebook era, you wont know about the Tinder app, a location-based search app, intended mainly to socialize between mutually consented individuals found in the same proximity, but most commonly considered as a dating app.It was first released in 2012, which is 5 years back, and at that time, it was kind of really popular. It worked on the principle of swipes, that is, swiping right for potentially good matches and swiping left on a photo to move to the next one.

Tinder now appears to be operating as a secretive, invite-only tier of its hugely popular dating app. It’s not a completely separate app, but integrated as a separate layer of the main Tinder app that the chosen ones can toggle on and off at will. The chosen ones constitute of the most popular ones amongst its pool of users, namely, “CEOs, super models, and other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types,”

On the other hand, this also gave rise to a hotline service for sexy girls who are looking to more than just dating. You will be surprised to see the tinder pick up lines that those hotties have put – here are some of them and be sure to swipe through all of them.

 naughty-Tinder-status-37 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-36 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-35 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-34 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-33 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-32 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-31 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-30 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-29 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-28 - NSFW

naughty-Tinder-status-27 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-26 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-25 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-24 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-23 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-22 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-21 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-20 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-19 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-18 - NSFW

naughty-Tinder-status-17 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-16 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-15 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-14 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-13 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-12 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-11 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-10 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-9 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-8 - NSFW

naughty-Tinder-status-7 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-6 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-5 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-4 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-3 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-2 - NSFW naughty-Tinder-status-1 - NSFW

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