The 29 Most Heartbreaking And Hilarious #GrowingUpUgly Tweets
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The 29 Most Heartbreaking And Hilarious #GrowingUpUgly Tweets

Jul 03, 2016
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What's it like to grow up ugly? Everyone is commiserating about it on Twitter with the #GrowingUpUgly hashtag! Now first of all, don't be so hard on yourself! I'm sure you are perfectly fine and maybe just had an awkward phase? I mean we all did, right? Some just more than others? Ugly or not, we all have felt like a misfit at some point in our lives, so it's almost therapeutic to read through these tweets. So whether you know where these people are coming from or need a little more empathy in your life, these are a good read. Here are some of the best tweets we saw about what it's like to grow up ugly!


this pretty much sums it up#GrowingUpUgly

— G. (@Princessofwifi) July 2, 2016


Using the same photo on every social media account for about a year #GrowingUpUgly

— JOSH (@TheJoshSoFar) July 2, 2016


*takes 5 selfies*
*deletes 10*#GrowingUpUgly

— JOSH (@TheJoshSoFar) July 2, 2016


grandma: "You're so pretty all the boys at school must be head over heels for you!"

— kayla (@bocafreedom) July 2, 2016


when you want to #GrowingUpUgly but you look an the mirror and realize you still ugly

— ⍨ (@practicaIs) July 2, 2016


When you been flirting for 3 months and she says "aw you're such a great friend" #GrowingUpUgly

— Royal (@SxfeRoyal) July 2, 2016


I forced myself to learn to be funny so my crush would like me in middle school #GrowingUpUgly

— savana (@imnotsavana) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly is trending..

— Professor Snape (@_Snape_) July 2, 2016


We are fast at replying to texts.

— Murfect (@Murfect) July 2, 2016


this happens all the time #GrowingUpUgly

— antonio (@antoniodelotero) July 2, 2016


When you been flirting for 3 months and she says "aw you're such a great friend" #GrowingUpUgly

— Brennen Taylor (@BrennenTaylor) July 2, 2016


someone: "so how long have you been single?"

— Relatable! (@GirlTroubIes) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly your selfies be looking like

— Bitch Code (@TheTumblrPosts) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly pulling faces in all ur pictures so at least you're ugly by design?

— kofi (@ManLikeKofii) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly never getting your thumb pressed down in "Thumbs up 7 up"

— baby spice (@SK8TER_G1RL) July 2, 2016


When attractive people say 'I'm so ugly' when they have no idea what being ugly is

— sofia (@RebelSugarcube) July 2, 2016


If someone would pay me every time a boy ignore me #GrowingUpUgly

— Lucy❁ (@ArianaKissYou) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly "who's your friend"

— Boiled squirrel (@LissetteDtfjdb) July 2, 2016


#growingupugly when you're at a party and all your friends are getting hit on and you're sitting in the corner on your phone

— han ; 16 (@vessledun) July 2, 2016


this happens all the time #GrowingUpUgly

— antonio (@antoniodelotero) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly all your friends in relationships and youre stuck being the third wheel

— black suga (@melaninangeI) July 2, 2016


*take 50 selfies*
*delete all 49 selfies*
*stare at that 1 selfie until it turns ugly*
*delete that one too*#GrowingUpUgly

— Jack (@itsjacklmao) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly when someone flirts with you and you automatically assume it's a cruel joke

— Jay (@yupjay) July 2, 2016


when your crush is flirting with your friend and you just sitting there like #GrowingUpUgly

— antonio (@antoniodelotero) July 2, 2016


When you tell a boy he's cute and he just says "thanks" and not "omg you are too" #GrowingUpUgly

— Miki Minach (@MADBLACKTWINK) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly When your skin is finally clear and u start feeling yourself a lil too much and your acne comes back

— cionna (@httpsguitarist) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly When all your friends are a 10 and you're a strong 2.5 with the right filter

— cionna (@httpsguitarist) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly the only person who calls you pretty/or handsome is your parents, aunts and uncles

— Anthony Alves (@tooturntalves) July 2, 2016


#GrowingUpUgly when you face swap with your friends and they say "Eww I look so ugly"

— WORLD STAR FANS (@WorIdStarLaugh) July 2, 2016

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