I am myself a huge of iphones, being a proud owner of the iphone 6. I believe the final touch to embellish this amazing piece of technology designed by Apple is an iphone case accessory. You have a huge variety of iphone cases available on the market to customize your iphones. However, on doing some research on the net, I found these 20 ridiculous iphone cases which I doubt people would want to buy. These cases look so uncool and I find it crazy to spend even a dime on it. Nevertheless, if you really feel like having one of them just for fun, I will try to put in a link or two so that you buy it.

20 ridiculous iphone cases you better not buy

Hope you enjoy these iphone cases because their manufacturers have put in a lot of effort in their design.

1. Bacon & Eggs Iphone case

Bacon-and-Eggs-Phone-Case_thumb800-600x742 - WTF

2. Cat with Tail iPhone case

cat-with-tail-iphone-case - WTF

3. Bread iPhone case

Bread-iphone-case - WTF

4. Pet Door iPhone case

cat-pet-door-iphone-case - WTF

5. Burger iPhone case

Burger-Iphone-case-600x709 - WTF

6. Creepy Siri iPhone case

Creepy-Siri-iphone-case-600x900 - WTF

7. Ear pierced iPhone case

Ear-phone-case-600x457 - WTF

8. Gun iPhone case

Gun-iphone-case-600x326 - WTF

9. iBooty iBoobies iPhone case

iBooty-iBoobies-iphone-case - WTF

10. inNose iphone case

inNose-iphone-case-600x526 - WTF

11. Iphone clutchie case

Iphone-clutchie-case-600x600 - WTF

12. iPhone ear case

iPhone-ear-case-600x600 - WTF

13. iPhone Retro case

iPhone-Retro-case-600x600 - WTF

14. KFC drumstick iPhone case

KFC-drumstick-iphone-case-600x358 - WTF

15. Kitty on all fours iPhone case

Kitty-on-all-fours-iphone-case - WTF

16. Knuckle iPhone case

Knuckle-iphone-case-600x391 - WTF

17. Lobster iPhone case

Lobster-iphone-case-600x337 - WTF

18. The Hand iphone case

The-Hand-iphone-case-600x677 - WTF

19. Uppercup iPhone case

Uppercup-iphone-case - WTF

20. Want to eat something iPhone case

Want-to-eat-iphone-case-600x336 - WTF

21. Recession cardboard iPhone case

Recession-carboard-iphone-case - WTF