Who would have thought that only after one year after the so-waiting release of the iPhone 7, Apple would release the bold and sleek iPhone X? Only a few hours after its release, the Internet bombarded missiles of memes on the new phone. I have heard lot of negative reviews for the new iPhone X, but you got to admit, Apple has improved it as compared to their previous versions.

The display is at its maximum edge with a 5.8 inch Super Retina screen to dazzle your eyes. One specialty for the iphone is the new face recognition software which will enhance the security and also animate emojis in your texts. And whats more, it has a high durability and is more resistant to water, which is kind of important given the exorbitant price of the phone at $999. 

These funny new iphone memes as you scroll down through the post will either make you laugh hysterically or you would want to go buy a brand new iPhone X at the nearest Apple shop so that you can prove these memes wrong against its worth and show that you can afford it.


iphone-X-memes-19-600x1070 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-1-600x556 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-2-600x1036 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-3-600x735 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-4-600x633 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-5-600x639 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-6-600x297 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-7-600x548 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-8-600x577 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-9-600x674 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-10-600x630 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-11-600x638 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-12-600x567 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-13-600x685 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-14-600x604 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-15-600x639 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-16-600x809 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-17-600x556 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-18-600x1116 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-20-600x441 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-21-600x564 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-22-600x575 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-23-600x400 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-24-600x542 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-25-600x672 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-26-600x1131 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-27-600x427 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-28-600x583 - Lol


iphone-X-memes-29-600x645 - Lol