Happy Birthday cake with names which are real wreck cakes
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Happy Birthday cake with names which are real wreck cakes

Jul 27, 2017
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Happy birthday cakes are the best thing about birthdays. Whenever you do surprise birthdays, you want to see the expression of surprise on the birthday boy/girl’s face. Many people in trying to decorate the cake with a wishing decorated text saying ‘Happy Birthday” or some personalised text with the name, they tend to write some silly stuffs or maybe even misspell the name, which can be quite frustrating to the birthday boy/girl. Some people just write nonsensical stuff on the birthday cake believing that the birthday boy/girl will like it, which has got no real meaning and is not related for the event. Hope you enjoy these funny Happy Birthday cake with names which are real wreck cakes.

16 Happy Birthday cake with names which are real wreck cakes

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1. I want sprinkles cake

10710906-21785263-thumbnail - Funny

2. The making of Baby cake

10710906-22484866-thumbnail - Funny

3. Say we will miss you cake

cake-wrecks-miss-you - Funny

4. Sent from iPhone cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-1-600x539 - Funny

5. Nothing cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-2 - Funny

6. Thanks for a great year in purple

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-3-600x450 - Funny

7. Happy Birthdae cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-4-600x450 - Funny

8. Suck it cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-5 - Funny

9. Beloved Cunt cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-6 - Funny

10. Happy Birthday with a ‘K’ cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-7-600x450 - Funny

11. Camp Hearst cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-8-600x400 - Funny

12. Unknown cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-9-600x450 - Funny

13. The Concrallations cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-10-600x450 - Funny

14. The Capitol cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-11-600x450 - Funny

15. Aged to perfection cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-12-600x428 - Funny

16. To be picked up at eleven cake

happy-birthday-cake-with-name-13-600x399 - Funny

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