Try eating these gross looking cakes at your own risk less you get an indigestion
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Try eating these gross looking cakes at your own risk less you get an indigestion

Sep 03, 2017
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I am really fond of eating cakes, so much that I need to eat one at least once a week. And recently, in my office we got so much birthday parties organised and so many birthday cakes to eat. I am sure many people like me, really like to eat cakes like I do. However, I would like to challenge these people to eat at least one of these gross looking cakes you will find in the list. Some of them look so horrible that you will feel disgusted and even want to puke.

List of the most gross looking cakes you will ever see

I hope you enjoy this list of the most gross looking cakes ever cooked. Many people will definitely not eat a piece of cake for at least one week after reading this post. For me, I usually eat what I see and something as hideous and disgusting as these, don’t count me in.

1. The monstrous face cake

hideous-cakes-1-600x449 - WTF

2. Eat my heart out!

hideous-cakes-3 - WTF

3. That’s deliciously horrific!

hideous-cakes-2-600x800 - WTF

4. The Muchios Gracias Horror cake!

hideous-cakes-4 - WTF

5. Eat my brains out!You might just become clever.

hideous-cakes-6 - WTF

6. Care for some more brains?

hideous-cakes-7-600x449 - WTF

7. That’s not something I will eat even if I was offered money in exchange

hideous-cakes-8 - WTF

8. You need to close your eyes if you want to eat that.

hideous-cakes-9-600x314 - WTF

9. The hedgehog cake

hideous-cakes-10-600x600 - WTF

10. You are dead to us now cake.

hideous-cakes-11 - WTF

11. The Conjuring Cake

hideous-cakes-12-600x800 - WTF

12. The Shit cake.

hideous-cakes-13-600x450 - WTF

13. Some sort of Alien Monster Cake.

hideous-cakes-14 - WTF

14. The Golden Scorpion Cake.

hideous-cakes-15-600x450 - WTF

15. The Dead Crow Cake.

hideous-cakes-16 - WTF

16. Feel like eating a hand?

hideous-cakes-17 - WTF

17. Who would eat such a cake?

hideous-cakes-18 - WTF

18. The Blooded Cake.

hideous-cakes-19-600x901 - WTF

19. Brain as dessert?

hideous-cakes-20-600x400 - WTF

20. Everything turns to Shit at 40 cake.

hideous-cakes-21 - WTF

21. The Cockroach Cake.

hideous-cakes-22-600x450 - WTF

22. I always need to have some eyes in my cake when I eat.

hideous-cakes-23 - WTF

23. The Giant Squid Cake.

hideous-cakes-24-600x410 - WTF

24. The Honey Cake

hideous-cakes-25 - WTF

25. That’s a nice smile that you have there.

hideous-cakes-5 - WTF

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