Yahoo Answers is one of the most visited website on the net. You would ask me why is that so. Well, the answer is really very simple – everyone has got questions and wants answers. However, these questions range from the most useful to the most stupid and funny questions. But most of the time, we have good questions and stupid and funny answers and the other way round at other times. Overall, you got funny yahoo questions and answers to deal with in this article just for your entertainment. I have tried to put at least a good amount of questions, but not covering all of them, because you won’t believe the colossal amount of funny yahoo questions asked and funny answers given on this website.

Warning before reading on!! These funny yahoo questions and answers might fry your brain

Read at your own risk as from this point onward otherwise you might just start asking these funny yahoo questions on the website.

Question 1: What’s the stupidest question?

Question-1-600x101 - Lol

Answer-1-600x183 - Lol

Question 2: I’m a boy can I be pregnant?

Question-2-600x143 - Lol

Answer-2-600x227 - Lol

Question 3: OMG this song has been stuck in my head all day?

Question-3-600x169 - Lol

Answer-3-600x215 - Lol

Question 4: What’s wrong with my girlfriend?

Question-4-600x172 - Lol

Answer-4-600x189 - Lol

Question 5: How can I unbake a cake?

Question-5-600x109 - Lol

Answer-5-600x176 - Lol

Answer-5a-600x133 - Lol

Question 6: Is it rude to fart while someone is crying at a family dinner?

Question-6-600x90 - Lol

Answer-6-600x146 - Lol

Question 7: How to defend against Velociraptor attacks?

Question-7-600x109 - Lol

Answer-7-600x196 - Lol Answer-7a-600x373 - Lol

Question 8: What does it mean when someone says “meow” to you?

Question-8-600x106 - Lol

Answer-8-600x132 - Lol

Answer-8a-600x98 - Lol

Question 9: Can you get pregnant from watching a health class video?

Question_9-600x119 - Lol

Answer_9-600x134 - Lol Answer_9a-600x131 - Lol

Question 10: My wife changed her facebook status from married to windowed, should I be worried?

Question_10-600x108 - Lol

Answer_10-600x169 - Lol

Question 11: How do I stop myself from becoming a Justin Bieber fan?

Question_11-600x121 - Lol

Answer_11-600x199 - Lol

Question 12: How can I get high from sniffing Pepsi?

Question_12-600x123 - Lol

Answer_12a-600x210 - Lol Answer_12b-600x84 - Lol

Question 13: Who is the final boss of the internet?

Question_13-600x153 - Lol

Answer_13a-600x157 - Lol Answer_13b-600x319 - Lol

Question 14: How do I ask questions on yahoo answers?

Question_14-600x107 - Lol

Answer_14-600x238 - Lol

Question 15: What is a person from London called?

Question_15-600x84 - Lol

Answer_15-600x95 - Lol

Question 16: What happens to people born on Feb 29th?

Question_16-600x131 - Lol

Answer_16a-600x129 - Lol Answer_16b-600x91 - Lol

Question 17: If I install Windows 7 32-bit twice, will it make it 64-bit?

Question_17-600x181 - Lol

Answer_17a-600x92 - Lol Answer_17b-600x69 - Lol Answer_17c-600x83 - Lol

Question 18: Is it okay to boil headphones?

Question_18-600x196 - Lol

Answer_18a-600x199 - Lol Answer_18b-600x174 - Lol

Question 19: My printer won’t print .gif files properly?

Question_19-600x107 - Lol

Answer_19-600x239 - Lol

Question 20: My boyfriend and I are white, but our baby looks black?

Question_20-600x205 - Lol

Answer_20a-600x130 - Lol Answer_20b-600x86 - Lol

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