100 funny things to ask Siri now on your iPhone and be amused
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100 funny things to ask Siri now on your iPhone and be amused

Jul 30, 2017
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You have an iPhone but you are not using Siri, then you are really missing out on the greatest of all functionality created by Apple. For those who are unaware of its purpose, Siri is an ingenious tool to help you as a virtual assistant while using voice recognition and answers all your questions in the most reasonable and logical way. Sometimes, the questions asked and the answers given by Siri are hilarious and funny. Doing an in-depth research about the things that iphone users all over the world have asked Siri, we have come up with this list of 100 funny things to ask Siri just for you. 

100 funny things to ask Siri now on your iPhone

After reading this post, I am almost sure you will try a few of them by asking Siri on your iPhone.

1. Do you know Tim Cook?

5628907080860-600x277 - Funny

2. Who let the dogs out?

5628906198927-600x355 - Funny

3. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

562890524c9d9-600x551 - Funny

4. What’s the tip on hundred dollars?

5628901470a36-600x337 - Funny

5. The ‘Haven’t you got anything better to do?” thing.

56288000a3750-600x370 - Funny

6. Flip a coin.

5628919edc538-600x251 - Funny

7. I don’t have a gender.

5628909d83dd0-600x268 - Funny

8. Are you real?

5628908c9bb43-600x277 - Funny

9. Hey Cortana!

5628907e00de1-600x298 - Funny

10. I need to hide a body.

5628903a80e66-600x297 - Funny

11. Happy back to the future Day.

5628897ad3855-600x312 - Funny

12. What’s your favourite drink?

562890af2a6f5-600x272 - Funny

13. I am hungry make me a sandwich.

562889fee9838-600x317 - Funny

14. Knock Knock!

562889f1f1483-600x363 - Funny

15. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if…?

562889e26c7d6-600x417 - Funny

16. What does the fox say?

562889c1076d6-600x292 - Funny

17. I am drunk and naked.

562889b617c0a-600x298 - Funny

18. Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

56288fe00dadf-600x385 - Funny

19. I am your father.

56288fcc431df-600x286 - Funny

20. Can you dance?

56288fb8547d3-600x346 - Funny

21. How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

56288fa75d12c-600x509 - Funny

22. Do you have a girlfriend?

56288f504979b-600x498 - Funny

23. You’re smart.

56288f174261f-600x267 - Funny

24. Why am I here?

56288f38a0909-600x308 - Funny

25. You’re funny.

56288f05ecab6-600x303 - Funny

26. I don’t like your new voice.

56288f5eeb5be-600x235 - Funny

27. Siri I’m tired!

56288f6d88b34-600x283 - Funny

28. You’re really annoying.

56288f7f0f282-600x292 - Funny

29. What is love?

56288f8fa476d-600x394 - Funny

30. What should I be for Halloween?

56288f25e4c9b-600x434 - Funny

31. Who’s the boss?

56288ef7e1d61-600x244 - Funny

32. Are you happy?

56288eb5c162e-600x248 - Funny

33. Why?

56288ea8bed89-600x270 - Funny

34. Neither of us is driving home.

56288e679455e-600x287 - Funny

35. Are you her?

56288e492168f-600x314 - Funny

36. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

56288e997ee14-600x963 - Funny

37. What’s your favorite color?

56288e863d120-600x340 - Funny

38. What’s the best phone?

56288e77c868d-600x257 - Funny

39. What’s the integral of…?

56288e57b6c34-600x927 - Funny

40. Why are fire trucks red?

56288e2a7ed5f-600x628 - Funny

41. I’m going to trade you in for an android phone.

56288dd413398-600x360 - Funny

42. I think we need to date other people.

56288dabdf494-600x320 - Funny

43. Are you dating anyone?

56288d7fdf323-600x291 - Funny

44. Tell me a joke.

56288d25adf6c-600x308 - Funny

45. Can you walk?

56288d758cede-600x263 - Funny

46. Can I borrow some money?

56288d1912cb3-600x283 - Funny

47. Who’s your favourite actor?

56288d6750adc-600x289 - Funny

48. I heard you’re dating a Kindle.

56288d9990e23-600x302 - Funny

49. What’s up?

56288d3a4bd8d-600x422 - Funny

50. Will pigs fly?

56288cfe6ce15-600x302 - Funny

51. What’s better Windows or Mac?

56288ceaa2ee1-600x273 - Funny

52. Does Santa Claus exist?

56288cdc592bd-600x296 - Funny

53. Who’s your Daddy?

56288ccee0202-600x330 - Funny

54. Roll a die.

56288cc0d8ec5-600x263 - Funny

55. Do you believe in God?

56288c079587b-600x359 - Funny

56. What’s the best operating system?

56288c1f5c8bd-600x367 - Funny

57. What do you think about Inception?

56288bf704a37-600x1068 - Funny

58. Do you have a boyfriend?

56288be020b3f-600x243 - Funny

59. Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all.

56288bcc4912c-600x293 - Funny

60. What’s your favourite animal?

56288ba6a8eda-600x298 - Funny

61. Do you follow the three laws of robotics?

56288b6bb7ae9-600x355 - Funny

62. What’s the meaning of life?

56288b13cbd53-600x403 - Funny

63. Tell me a story.

56288b20df189-600x279 - Funny

64. I’m sleepy.

56288b79bd58b-600x283 - Funny

65. Open the pod bay door.

56288b88b25dc-600x281 - Funny

66. What are you doing later?

56288b5131955-600x348 - Funny

67. What does Siri mean?

56288b5a80ac4-600x359 - Funny

68. Okay Glass!

56288b3cc42ca-600x306 - Funny

69. What are you wearing?

56288b2d6847c-600x331 - Funny

70. What is 0 divided by 0?

56288b00df257-600x753 - Funny

71. Beam me up Scotty.

56288aee4e1aa-600x250 - Funny

72. How old are you?

56288aa44b7c6-600x283 - Funny

73. Testing testing.

56288a5339cd7-600x279 - Funny

74. What’s your favourite type of chocolate?

56288a45d7bd6-600x304 - Funny

75. Do you have any pets?

56288a8e9078b-600x257 - Funny

76. Why did the chicken cross the road?

56288a7cbb1d8-600x392 - Funny

77. How many Apple store genius does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

56288a6e69732-600x446 - Funny

78. Do you like Microsoft?

56287fe4cda1e-600x303 - Funny

79. When is the World going to end?

56287f5e25b79-600x336 - Funny

80. Talk dirty to me.

56287f405c9b3-600x301 - Funny

81. What’s the best smartphone?

56287f846fd61-600x248 - Funny

82. How do I look?

56287f1024d53-600x263 - Funny

83. I don’t know the question for this one!

56287fa25e58b-600x304 - Funny

84. I love you.

56287fb0e5a59-600x277 - Funny

85. Call Ding ding ring a Ding ding for me!

56287ecbe0b64-600x409 - Funny

86. How much do you cost?

56287c3562128-600x261 - Funny

87. Are you Siri-ous?

56287c8666d75-600x288 - Funny

88. You need to do a better job of understanding me.

56287c977a3ac-600x325 - Funny

89. Okay Google!

56287c76b3334-600x303 - Funny

90. Siri I am sad.

56287c5d19c85-600x277 - Funny

91. Who’s your favourite person?

56287c4cec436-600x229 - Funny

92. You should go on a diet?

56287c1d06eb9-600x239 - Funny

93. What’s the best MP3 player?

56287c0dc91cd-600x257 - Funny

94. Do you think you’re smarter than me?

56287bfc64ce4-600x358 - Funny

95. Take me to your leader.

56287b0054dce-600x301 - Funny

96. What’s your favourite movie?

56287b5c318d1-600x328 - Funny

97. Guess what.

56287b3d629d3-600x233 - Funny

98. Blah blah blah blah blah blah.

56287b1d416f2-600x222 - Funny

99. What is the average speed of a swallow?

56287acead84b-600x310 - Funny

100. Will you marry me?

5628a440942fd-600x302 - Funny

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