I admit it, it is not really famous choice of topic, but I found out these funny poop memes on the internet. However you must admit, it is a quite original topic to read. Statistics suggest that most people like to spend at least 15 mins in the toilet pooping, which is quite long. There are even some of these people who went at extremes in changing their toilet into a library so that they can read their magazines or newspaper while reading.

Funny poop memes collection

I just hope you like this post and please share with your friends. And who knows, maybe you are reading this post on your phone while sitting on the toilet seat and pooping.


funny-poop-memes-1-600x803 - Memes


funny-poop-memes-2-600x487 - Memes


funny-poop-memes-3-600x433 - Memes


funny-poop-memes-4-600x647 - Memes


funny-poop-memes-5-600x401 - Memes


funny-poop-memes-6 - Memes


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funny-poop-memes-17-600x615 - Memes


funny-poop-memes-18-600x800 - Memes