Police represents the law and is a vector of security, fear and authority. However, being a police office and maintaining all these precious virtues is not an easy job. Sometimes, those police offices come across real embarrassing and funny situations whereby you cannot stop yourself from laughing. These funny police pictures will prove to you that sometimes it can be really funny to enrol yourself in the police force. 

31 funny police pictures to make you want to enrol in the police force

I just want to remind everyone that this post is written uniquely on a funny mood, without comprising the respect and status of police officers.

1. You can crash in the fence without getting a fine

funny-police-pictures-1-600x387 - Lol

2. You get to take pictures with the strippers.

funny-police-pictures-2-600x450 - Lol

3. Did someone say police steak?

funny-police-pictures-3 - Lol

4. You get to skateboard and exceed the speed limit

funny-police-pictures-4-600x900 - Lol

5. You are under arrest cat for trespassing this zone.

funny-police-pictures-5-600x476 - Lol

6. Please stay in your car  sir!

funny-police-pictures-6 - Lol

7. You don’t have the right to take pictures unless it’s my picture you are taking.

funny-police-pictures-7-600x399 - Lol

8. You can take your chiwawah out on duty like the police lady.

funny-police-pictures-8 - Lol

9. One of the police’s hot chase.

funny-police-pictures-9-600x699 - Lol

10. Cop car for sale here!

funny-police-pictures-10 - Lol

11. Cow milk is good for your health.

funny-police-pictures-11-600x399 - Lol

12. You get to ride cool police cars.

funny-police-pictures-12-600x376 - Lol

13. You get to chase kicks.

funny-police-pictures-13-600x433 - Lol

14. You get to fight with asses.

funny-police-pictures-14 - Lol

15. Oops, parked the police car in a no-parking zone.

funny-police-pictures-15-600x383 - Lol

16. Only the dedicated can handle.

funny-police-pictures-16 - Lol

17. You got fever, you need to take your pills.

funny-police-pictures-17-600x347 - Lol

18. Protect people against the dangers of tinted windows.

funny-police-pictures-18 - Lol

19. You get to arrest to heroes like Spider-man

funny-police-pictures-19-600x423 - Lol

20. Coolest police car ever.

funny-police-pictures-20-600x422 - Lol

21. Call me midget one more time and you will regret it.

funny-police-pictures-21 - Lol

22. American Police versus British Police

funny-police-pictures-22-600x703 - Lol

23. A dancing police officer

funny-police-pictures-23-600x950 - Lol

24. Alligator attacks police

funny-police-pictures-24-600x701 - Lol

25. Even police officers get robbed

funny-police-pictures-25-600x417 - Lol

26. Star trooper under arrest

funny-police-pictures-26 - Lol

27. You get to spray people

funny-police-pictures-27 - Lol

28. You need racing cars to chase the criminals

funny-police-pictures-28-600x400 - Lol

29. It’s like playing a game when working in the police force

funny-police-pictures-29-600x330 - Lol

30. You get pissed at but you have got shields to protect you.

funny-police-pictures-30-600x429 - Lol

31. You come across unimaginable situations

funny-police-pictures-31-600x460 - Lol