Funny love memes at first sight lasts forever and ever
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Funny love memes at first sight lasts forever and ever

Jul 13, 2017
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Being in love is the best thing to ever happen in a person’s life. Be it love at first sight or close friendship changing to love, love is itself is the best feeling to ever have. One important thing in love is that sometimes you need to be funny to entertain your relationship. These funny love memes depicts the true love between two individuals including the way love should be expressed.

Funny love memes at first sight

So if you are true lover and have experienced love at first sight and your relationship with your partner is still going strong and funny at the same time, then this post will bring back some emotions.

funny-love-memes-1 - Memes

I love you only this much

funny-love-memes-2-600x600 - Memes

feel free to use kisses…

funny-love-memes-3-600x466 - Memes

what do you mean I am not perfect?

funny-love-memes-4 - Memes

And I will always love you…

funny-love-memes-5-600x557 - Memes

My love is like a candle

funny-love-memes-6 - Memes

I love you more than cupcakes

funny-love-memes-7 - Memes

I am the guy in the blue

funny-love-memes-8-600x600 - Memes

I like to beat my wife…

funny-love-memes-9-600x592 - Memes

No lie!

funny-love-memes-10 - Memes

My love for you is like diarrhea

funny-love-memes-11 - Memes

I will hold my farts for you

funny-love-memes-600x477 - Memes

How do we feel?

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