13 fun stuff to look up on Google Search in your free time
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13 fun stuff to look up on Google Search in your free time

Jun 06, 2017
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Everyday, nearly the whole of the World’s population having access to the internet via their desktop PC, tablets or smartphones, is using Google search to look for something. That makes a lot of searches for Google, however given the large database that it has for storage, the latter records everything one of these searches. And as someone starts typing any keyword, Google displays a list of the most typed keywords. On accessing these databases, you will see that there are many searches which are uniquely funny. See this compilation of the 13 fun stuff to look up on Google Search.

13 fun stuff to look up on Google Search

If you have some free time, make sure you check them to see what results you get on Google.

Sometimes i like to lay on the floor…

funny-things-to-look-up-on-Google - Funny

Pretend I am a carrot

How to raise your IQ…

funny-youtube-search-gifted-children - Funny

Eating gifted children

I like to tape…

funny-youtube-search-hands-dinosaur - Funny

Feel like a dinosaur

I hate it when Hitler…

funny-youtube-search-hitle-nutella - Funny

Where is my Nutella?

Do you ever look at yourself…

funny-youtube-search-microwave-wattage - Funny

What is my microwave wattage?

I hope you get sexual…

funny-youtube-search-pterodactyl - Funny

Beware of pterodactyl!

I am extremely terrified…

funny-youtube-search-terrified-chinese-people - Funny

I see Chinese people everywhere!

How do you use Google…

geISG - Funny

Google for Dummies

Why do I have…

hilarious-google-searches-1 - Funny

Sometimes when I’m…

hilarious-google-searches-11 - Funny

I am all alone

I think I might be a…

i-think-i-might-be-slide-e1496748880425 - Funny

I am a werewolf who is a sociopath genius

Who would win in a fight between…

who-would-win-slide-e1496748914368 - Funny

Super Heroes fight

Why aren’t there…

why-arent-there-slide-e1496748943377 - Funny

Dinosaur Ghosts! Really?

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