Epic Pinterest nailed it fails you must definitely see
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Epic Pinterest nailed it fails you must definitely see

Jun 08, 2017
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Pinterest is one among the most popular social media networks of this century. With its simple design and unique feature of  pinning images has made it acquire millions of users each day. Many people compare beautiful and delicious-looking food pins on Pinterest and try re-create them, however they are epic Pinterest fails as they dont even resemble the initial pictures. See the following pictures to judge by yourself and evaluate these people have nailed it.

1. The Turkey Gone Wrong

2. Is this a duck monster horror movie?

3. Despicable Monster

4. This is the true Cookie Monster

5. The little Chicks look sad

6. There are some similarities though

7. This guy has a very creative mind about hedgehogs

8. It looks like little Kinders from a horror film

9. It looks like a seal.

10. This is a scary Justin Bieber.

11. I pity the turkey.

12. I feel overwhelmed before such creativity.

13. There are just some people in this world who should never cook.

14. I am not eating that for sure.

15. I feel sorry for that person’s birthday.

16. Something to give to your Valentine.

17. Hello there Sharkey!

18. Is that my friend Teddy?

19. The plastic wrap is very original as decoration.

20. I call this the Infernal Tower.

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