20 custom printed soap boxes to wash away all your problems
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20 custom printed soap boxes to wash away all your problems

Sep 11, 2017
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Would not it be amazing if you had a soap which could erase all the shitty situations or problems you encounter in your life? Well, look no further, we have found just the solution for you with this revolutionary soap for every shitty situations. I have myself not tried it, but I am hopeful, it will work for you guys. And if it works, which I hope will, then it will be too good to be true. These soaps with custom printed soap boxes are provided by the company Whiskey River Soap Co and the links are provided below each soap product if you want to buy.

20 custom printed soap boxes to wash away all your problems

1. Soap for ‘Shit Shows’

IMG_5691-600x600 - Funny

  • Smells like 2017 (and most of my Saturday nights)

Buy at $8.95 only!

2. Soap for ‘First World Problems’

IMG_5690-600x600 - Funny

  • Smells like your European vacation was a real bummer
  • What, your wifi isn’t working? Tears, buddy!

Buy at $8.95 only!

3. Soap for ‘Zero Fucks’

IMG_5689-600x600 - Funny

  • Smells like false bravado
  • This new flagrant apathy is just another overpriced t-shirt you’ll never wear.

Buy at $8.95 only!

4. Soap for ‘Writer’s Block’

IMG_5688-600x600 - Funny

  • Smells like regurgitated ideas and probably a vampire
  • It’s a bar of soap, not magic!

Buy at $8.95 only!

5. Soap for ‘True Artists’

IMG_5686-600x571 - Funny

  • Smells like unemployment
  • Combined with ramen noodles and high-quality paintbrushes

Buy at $8.95 only!

6. Soap for ‘Geeks’

IMG_5687-600x600 - Funny

  • Wifi scented
  • No one else understands the scent

Buy at $8.95 only!

7. Soap for ‘No Ragrets’

IMG_5685-600x571 - Funny

  • Smell like a bad tattoo
  • Or a stack of sketchy faces
  • Or your first marriage

Buy at $8.95 only!

8. Soap for ‘Perpetual Boredom’

IMG_5684-600x595 - Funny

  • Smells like more wine, please.
  • Because sober knitting ain’t gonna cut it.

Buy at $8.95 only!

9. Soap for ‘Hipsters’

IMG_5683-600x600 - Funny

  • Coffee, Bacon & craft beer
  • Smells just like your beard

Buy at $8.95 only!

10. Soap for ‘The Middle Child’

IMG_5682-600x571 - Funny

  • Largely invisible scent.
  • Go ahead and dye your hair purple. No one will notice.

Buy at $8.95 only!

11. Soap for ‘Awkward Moments’

IMG_5681-600x600 - Funny

  • Smells like your entire life.
  • Increases instances of missed high-fives & blind dates with your dad.

Buy at $8.95 only!

12. Soap for ‘Grammar Police’

IMG_5680-600x800 - Funny

  • Smells like your annoying.
  • It’s so easy to get under your skin.

Buy at $8.95 only!

13. Soap for ‘Introverts’

IMG_5679-600x600 - Funny

  • Because seriously, you’re not going anywhere anyway.

Buy at $8.95 only!

14. Soap for ‘Creepy Uncles’

IMG_9906_grande - Funny

  • Fresh moustache scent.
  • Pairs well with rusty Winnebagos & cut-off jeanshorts

Buy at $8.95 only!

15. Soap for ‘Beer Whisperers’

IMG_9916_grande - Funny

  • Smells like IPA insanity.
  • Bright, fresh and piney with hints of nobody cares and where’s  my PBR?

Buy at $8.95 only!

16. Soap for a ‘Midlife Crisis’

IMG_9918_grande - Funny

  • Smells like a motorcycle.
  • Or a perm. Or a food truck.

Buy at $8.95 only!

17. Soap for ‘Bad Hair Decades’

IMG_9938_grande - Funny

  • Scented with Man bugs and mall bangs.
  • And this decade will undoubtedly make the list.
  • One word: ombré.

Buy at $8.95 only!

18. Soap for ‘Boozers’

IMG_9941_grande - Funny

  • Smells like your breath.
  • But you can blame it on your soap.

Buy at $8.95 only!

19. Soap for ‘Dirty Minds’

IMG_9948_grande - Funny

  • Smells kinda like everyone.
  • Hey, a billion porn sites can’t be wrong!

Buy at $8.95 only!

20. Soap for ‘Crazy Exes’

IMG_9949_grande - Funny

  • Smells like you have a type,
  • It’s all fun and games until someone’s getting fitted for a glass eye.

Buy at $8.95 only!

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