21 pictures of children playing hide and seek so badly

Kids very much like to play hide-and-seek. However, they are not very innovative and geniuses when it is required to look for a hideout. That’s the beauty of their innocence which strike me out.

Parents become kids when playing with their kids and keep on being amazed at the way their kids play hide-and-seek.

These pictures show children playing hide and seek so badly and it is very funny to see how hard they are trying to do so and please share.

Children playing hide and seek so badly

children playing hide and seek so badly

The sofa cushion has grown legs.

Where are you? You were there a minute ago.

Batman is nowhere to be found.

The green crocodile is climbing on the wall.

I see feet on the shelf.

This is one of the best camouflage ever.

Oops! There are only toys here.

Where’s the little princess gone?

The floor mat has grown legs it seems.

Look away, there is no one here.

Difficult to spot someone in here!

He was really close to not being seen..so close.

Curtains with a set of legs.

This is what I call merging with the decor.

I am in a box but you dont see me.

I am a floor lamp and I also light up the room.

Yohoo Steve, where have you gone?

I am blinded by these blinds.

Trees are good hideouts for playing hide-and-seek.

There is something pinkish under the bed.

Behind the small doll, there is a bigger doll.



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