Cheerleaders are the craze and fantasy for all boys in college or high school. They inspire motivation, perseverance and sexiness for everyone and also for the team school players. They are always the centre of attraction whenever there is a game going on. However, when you see these cheerleader fails pics, you will realise that they are indeed the centre of all attraction.

21 cheerleader fails pics to make you love cheerleaders more

I selected these specific cheerleader fail pics specially for your viewing, which I hope you  like by sharing.

1.The expression of victory

cheerleader-fails-pics-1-600x716 - Lol

2. Too heavy to handle

cheerleader-fails-pics-2-600x900 - Lol

3. Best thing about somersaults is that you always reach the ground

cheerleader-fails-pics-3 - Lol

4. I know where that is going

cheerleader-fails-pics-4 - Lol

5. Need to evacuate, NOW!

cheerleader-fails-pics-5 - Lol

5. Need to evacuate, NOW! Part 2!

cheerleader-fails-pics-6 - Lol

6. It wasn’t me!

cheerleader-fails-pics-7 - Lol

7. What does ‘OG’ mean?

cheerleader-fails-pics-8 - Lol

8. Trying to do the impossible

cheerleader-fails-pics-9-600x342 - Lol

9. Yeah I see it there.

cheerleader-fails-pics-10 - Lol

10. Focus, focus and really focus.

cheerleader-fails-pics-11-600x672 - Lol

11. Who is the stupid who put that ball here?

cheerleader-fails-pics-12-600x400 - Lol

12. Never go ‘Full Cheerleader’

cheerleader-fails-pics-13-600x437 - Lol

13. Why is everyone winking at me?

cheerleader-fails-pics-14 - Lol

14. We are playing ‘Catch the girl’? Wanna play?

cheerleader-fails-pics-15-600x462 - Lol

15. It’s scary down there!

cheerleader-fails-pics-16-600x485 - Lol

16. It looks like they are playing rugby here.

cheerleader-fails-pics-17-600x478 - Lol

17. Catch me if you can

cheerleader-fails-pics-18-600x401 - Lol

18. I love this floor so much.

cheerleader-fails-pics-19-600x370 - Lol

19. I just love eating green grass.

cheerleader-fails-pics-20-600x563 - Lol

20. Why is everything upside down?

cheerleader-fails-pics-21-600x338 - Lol