Bulldog memes for each day of the week
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Bulldog memes for each day of the week

Apr 20, 2017
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These bulldog memes shows how I feel for each day of the week. If you feel the same way as me, please share it with your friends.

1. MONDAY – The engine has not yet started…

Monday-The-engine-has-not-yet-started - Memes

2. TUESDAY – Is the week over?

Tuesday-Is-the-week-over - Memes

3. WEDNESDAY – Office work is too much to handle…

Wednesday-Work-is-too-much-to-handle - Memes

4. THURSDAY – We are almost nearly there…

Thursday-We-are-almost-nearly-there - Memes


5. FRIDAY – The boss not letting you go through to the weekend…

Friday-The-boss-not-letting-you-go-through-to-the-weekend - Memes

6. SATURDAY –  I smell the weekend…

Saturday-I-smell-the-weekend - Memes

7. SUNDAY – I need another weekend after this weekend…

Sunday-I-need-another-weekend-after-this-weekend - Memes

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