You cannot be more specific than that

Like I always say, “You need to always the right question in the right way”. You get any kind of answer if you are not specific in your question. Formulate your question well before asking.

Beware of the wishes that you ask from the genie

If you come across a lamp, I am sure you will rub it in the hope that a genie comes out. People have many hopes, dreams and different wishes in life. For example, this little nerdy guy wants to be famous, and used up two of his wishes to be famous, which worked, but not exactly in the sense that he wanted. Eventually, the last wish ended in nullifying his unexpected popularity , but unfortunately led to the end of the world.

The Theory of the Inverse cupcake

The Theory of the Inverse cupcake states that given a cupcake in its mold freshly baked from the oven, when inverted on someone’s head gives a super cool haircut.