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funny-fart-pictures-14-420x320 -
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15 funny fart pictures to demonstrate that farts are a form of expression

Waseem - Jul 24, 2017

You always hear about the liberty of expression, that is you are free to express your thoughts and opinions and how you feel.…

romantic-memes-for-your-girlfriend-10-420x320 -
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12 romantic memes for your girlfriend to show them how much you care

Waseem - Jul 23, 2017

Being in love is such a wonderful feeling which is experienced by millions and millions of people in the world. So the question…

funny-dating-memes-28-420x320 -
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30 funny dating memes to confirm that dating can also be hilarious

Waseem - Jul 20, 2017

How many of you have already gone on arranged dates, blind dates or speed dates, which have ended up in a funny or…

can-i-help-you-meme-13 -
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25 ways to offer your help through these can i help you memes!

Waseem - Jul 17, 2017

There are many people who like to offer their help to others. However, there are not many ways to express their help and…

maxresdefault-420x320 -
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Funny cow puns which will make you moo all day long

Waseem - Jul 16, 2017

Many people are not aware of the meaning of 'puns'. By definition from Wikipedia, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that exploits multiple meanings…

funny-love-memes-6-420x320 -
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Funny love memes at first sight lasts forever and ever

Waseem - Jul 13, 2017

Being in love is the best thing to ever happen in a person's life. Be it love at first sight or close friendship…

img_8239-420x320 -
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Top 20 ‘selfies gone bad’ pictures who have gone most viral on the internet

Waseem - Jul 09, 2017

There are around 93 million selfies each day in the World and I am sure this value will keep on increasing day by…

bdd3ee5d53b3d8c8f113477434c7b2e8-420x320 -
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20 Long Distance Relationship Memes to remind us how hard it can be

Waseem - Jul 06, 2017

We all know that long distance relationships are a real struggle. Two people staying  millions of kilometres apart and try hard as they…

Yawn-Good-Morning-420x320 -
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Funny good morning memes to start your day with a smile

Waseem - Jul 02, 2017

Everyone wants their mornings to be good when they wake up. Memes are by nature so funny and make you laugh to tears…

comics-morning-perfect-3894608-420x320 -
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How to start a perfect day and be healthy without being tired?

Waseem - Jul 01, 2017

We all just want our day to be perfect and have the whole day in a good health without being tired at all.…

cat-vs-woman3-420x320 -
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Battle between Cat versus Woman

Waseem - Jul 01, 2017

Cat definitely wins without any doubt.

cat-vs-softclosedoor-420x320 -
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Confrontation of Cat versus Soft close door

Waseem - Jun 29, 2017

If you have a cat, you will surely understand how keen they are to go out by staying near the door. They even…

funny-names-to-call-your-friend-420x320 -
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1001 funny names to call your friends to show how much they are close friends

Waseem - Jun 27, 2017

We usually tend to call our friends, especially close ones by nicknames or pet names without them bothering since similarly they are going…

Silly-questions-to-ask-a-girl-420x320 -
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Silly questions to ask a girl for yielding positive results

Waseem - Jun 25, 2017

We all know that girls love to be flirted at, but many boys feel uneasy to tackle the direct questions so as to…

396_warm_EN-compressor-420x320 -
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Cats Master plan to rule the world. Beware if your cat gets too cuddly.

Waseem - Jun 24, 2017

The relationship between humans and cats is very special. Cats like to cuddle close to humans, which seems as if to look for…

funny-text-messages-for-her-420x320 -
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20 funny text messages for her which ended as a surprise

Waseem - Jun 24, 2017

Whenever you send texts to your female partner or wife, the return messages can be either very funny or very brutal. These funny…