11 Refreshing Facts about Gelato

Suzanne Ragafiled under: Food Image credit: iStockLike us on Facebook Italy deserves major kudos for the culinary gifts—pizza, pasta, and pesto, to name a few—it has bestowed upon the world. But nothing instantly improves a hot summer day like savoring a cup (or cone) of gelato. Read on for 11 facts you might not know about the dense, refreshing dessert. 1. THE ITALIAN WORD CONGELATO MEANS FROZEN. In Italian, the word congelato means frozen, and the word congelare means to freeze. Although gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, it’s not merely Dreyer’s with a European, artisanal flair. Like… Continue reading

The Missing Links: Things are Actually Getting Better, Explained in Graphs

Colin Patrickfiled under: Links Image credit: SIngularity HubLike us on Facebook The next time someone tells you that the world is going to hell, just show them these graphs. Many things are really, probably, better than ever. * Good Question: How Much of the Ocean is Whale Pee? * This video does a really nice job of explaining what the food you eat does to your brain. * From the Archives: 6 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Supermarkets * Intriguing Headline of the Day: New Attack Uses the Sound of a Computer's Fan to Steal Data * Picking a lock is really… Continue reading

10 Times Correlation Was Not Causation

Maggie Koerth-Baker, the magfiled under: science, 10 Issue, the magazine Image credit: Katie CareyLike us on Facebook It’s a scientist’s mantra: Correlation does not imply causation. But sometimes wrong feels so right. 1. EAT ENOUGH CHOCOLATE AND YOU'LL WIN A NOBEL. If you want to boost blood flow to your brain and (potentially) slow cognitive decay, consume flavanols. The plant compounds, found in green tea and cocoa, are great for getting blood into your noggin. That made New York doctor Franz Messerli wonder: Would a nation of bonbon–eaters be more intellectually accomplished than a country that didn’t consume as much… Continue reading

7 Tips For Planning a Vacation That’s Off the Beaten Path

Anna Greenfiled under: travel Image credit: Moyan Brenn, Flickr // CC BY 2.0 Like us on Facebook Guided tours of foreign cities are educational, and beach resorts and cruises are relaxing, but sometimes we find ourselves craving a vacation that’s a little more unique. Unfortunately, making travel plans that are offbeat and truly personalized can be more challenging than pitching your beach umbrella next to a lounge chair. Paving your own way requires tons of research, paying attention to the little details, and of course, taking some safety precautions. Here are seven tips for organizing a vacation that’s off the… Continue reading

Watch Spray Paint Cans Get Hit With a Sledgehammer in Slow Motion

Rebecca OConnellfiled under: video Like us on Facebook Beloved YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys have found another colorful project to film in slow motion. Donning protective gear and coveralls, the duo decided to attack some cans of spray paint. Using a BB gun, an axe, and a sledgehammer, they explosively open the cans onto an adjacent canvas. Aerosol cans contain pressurized liquid that, when released, comes out as a mist. Usually, the liquid would be released by pressing a nozzle, but when the cans are hit with various objects, the liquid bursts out in colorful clouds. While this is arguably… Continue reading

Their Family Business: When Tom Hanks Is Busy, His Brother Steps In

Andrew LaSanefiled under: Movies, Pop Culture, tv Image credit: YouTube Like us on Facebook Two-time Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks is a busy man. In addition to his on-screen roles, Hanks has also had a successful career as a voice actor for animated films and documentaries. But what does he do when his schedule gets in the way of a voice gig? He simply passes the job off to his brother, he revealed in a 2011 interview with Graham Norton. During the interview (below), Norton pulled the string on a Woody doll from the Toy Story movies and Tom Hanks… Continue reading

Why Is Lined Paper Called ‘College Ruled’?

Mark Mancinifiled under: Big Questions Image credit: iStockLike us on Facebook There are many different types of lined notebook paper, and each one goes by a different name—college ruled among them. To help tell them apart, you might have to break out a ruler. Before we proceed any further, some historical context is in order. Paper that’s printed with evenly-spaced horizontal lines across its surface is called “ruled” paper. For centuries, these lines had to be drawn by hand. But in 1770, the game changed. In June of that year, inventor John Tetlow patented a device that the British government… Continue reading

Cradle Your Cat and Stay Cool With The Mewgaroo

Andrew LaSanefiled under: cats, fashion Like us on Facebook Envious of marsupials and the cozy pouches that they use to carry their young? According to Gizmodo, Japan-based retailer Unihabitat offers the next best thing for cat owners who feel the same parental connection to their pets: a hoodie with a built-in kangaroo pocket to keep kitties comfy and entertained while you hold them. The Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie is a warm weather update to the original design and now comes sans sleeves. The hoodie—able to hold a cat or other small animal weighing 15 pounds or less—features a cotton lining that… Continue reading